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Locking valves
Loading chute for trucks, ships, ...
Silo discharge
Filling device
Emptying devices
Lump Crusher
Mechanical transport



MIGSA's manufacture programme includes all types of elements for handling bulk powder or granule products, whether abrasive, toxic, adherent or liable to suffer powder explosions.

MIGSA provides its customers with solutions for the different stages of the process:

  • Storage (Elbow pieces and inlet baffles, safety valves, etc).
  • Déchargement (extracteurs vibrants, fonds fluidifiés, aéroglisseurs, etc.)
  • Fermeture (vannes papillon, vannes plates à pelle, etc.)
  • Dosage (alvéolaires à chute libre, alvéolaires à passage direct, etc.)
  • Transport (transporteurs sans fin et transporteurs aéroglisseurs)
  • Changement de voies (distributeurs à clapet, distributeurs pour transport pneumatique, etc.)
  • Chargement de camions (soufflets de chargement pour camion-citerne et ouvert)

Our customers are in sectors as wide-ranging as: Food, Chemicals, Ceramics, Cement, Plastic, Environment.

Production is structured to cover a wide range of capacities and needs, from normalised elements through to bespoke special executions. This allows us to meet very tight deadlines, in line with needs.

MIGSA offers its extensive experience built up over all these years. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are on hand to offer our team of highly-skilled professionals.

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