Design and Manufacturing of
Equipment for Bulk Solids Handling

Solids Components MIGSA supplies distribution valves for pneumatic transport of extremely abrasive products

The 13-outlet distribution valves have been supplied to an important multinational in the chemical sector for its plant in Chile.

The function of these units is to convey product from a single inlet to various outlets (up to a maximum of 20). It is commonly used for loading silos, feeding oven lines and transporting to different consumption points.

The design of the units means they can be configured for extremely abrasive product requirements, as is the case, since the central ceramic pipe offers optimal resistance to wear. All this helps to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. The unit is also ideal for conveying delicate products, since the specially designed central pipe prevents any breakup of material during transport.

The main sectors for application are: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, aggregate and concrete sectors, etc.

With this operation, the firm specialising in the design and manufacture of solutions for handling bulk solids continues to strengthen its position on international markets.

Solids Components MIGSA supplies pneumatic conveyors to an important European multinational

The pneumatic conveyors supplied are for pneumatic conveying through a pipeline of over 1000 metres in length, and have been installed for one of the most important multinationals in the chemical industry in central Europe.

As a result of the particular requirements in this industry, Solids Components Migsa offers the pneumatic conveyor market four manufacture ranges: Basic, Heavy, Clean and Hygienic, providing inexpensive technical solutions to handle bulk solids, in line with market requirements.

The Hygienic range pneumatic conveyor has been certified by the body EHEDG, in line with the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries and their stringent hygienic requirements regarding microbiological contamination.

This important supply has been achieved thanks to product development and investment in R&D&I by Solids Components Migsa over recent years. Such development and investment has allowed the company to improve and enhance its manufacture range and therefore increase its presence on international markets.

EXplosionproof MIGSA rotary valves (13 bar)

The company Solids Components MIGSA has obtained certification for the manufacture and marketing of Rotary Valves for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (in accordance with annex IV of Directive 94/9/EC). MIGSA was the first company in the country to obtain this certification, awarded by LOM (Official Laboratory J.M. Madariaga).

Prior to the certification of the company, in line with article 9 of European Directive 94/9/EC, MIGSA was awarded certification for its Rotary Valves by the German certification body DEKRA EXAM GmbH. The Rotary Valves were subjected to explosion with an overpressure of 14.4 bar of maximum load (in accordance with EN 15089) and to hydraulic tests at 26 bar (in accordance with EN 14460:2006).

As a result of these tests, MIGSA's Explosionproof Rotary Valve complies with the explosion characteristics of most solid materials, especially for powders with St1 and St2 explosion index, and is an officially approved Safety Unit for explosions and fires.

This new design, along with the launch of the Hygienic range, means the company has fulfilled its goal of offering the market a complete range of units for handling bulk solids, all in line with today's stringent requirements.

MIGSA supplies telescopic ship loaders to an important international company

The blowers supplied in MIGSA's BGTA model have a Ø600 mm inlet, are 2900 mm long when gathered in and 7990 mm when fully opened, and will be installed at a port facility in the United Arab Emirates for the supply of cereals in the country.

The technical characteristics and main benefits of MIGSA's load blowers are the installation of level controllers and limit switches to eliminate errors, generate less dust, reduce the volume of aspirated air and increase the load volume, whilst also being easy to maintain and assemble with optimal resistance to abrasion.

The success of this project strengthens the image of Solids Components MIGSA on overseas markets and increases its international presence. Moreover, thanks to the significant effort it has put into R&D&I over recent years, it has been able to improve and progress its product range and, as a result, earn the trust of the market by providing solutions for handling bulk solids.

Rotary valves Hygienic range for the Food Industry

Solids Components MIGSA presents its new hygienic range of rotary valves as it strives to meet the ever more stringent and specific demands of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

This new range is the result of a new direction taken by MIGSA several years ago, when it decided to place R&D&I at the heart of its strategic approach in order to maintain its position as a market leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for handling bulk powders and granules.

These types of valves are used for extracting and dosing bulk-stored dry powder or granule products. Moreover, they provide the valve function between two receptacles, whilst their special design, without any sharp edges, prevents the material from getting stuck to the element.

These rotary valves are designed to prevent microbial contamination of the food products, in line with food safety requirements set out in corresponding hygiene regulations (EC Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery, EN 1672-2 and EN ISO 14159 on Hygiene Requirements) and the directives of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), which MIGSA is a member of.

The SRV Hygienic rotary valve model is manufactured with a split shaft for easy cleaning inside the valve (in line with GMP-/FDA), with a mirror-polished finish on surfaces in contact with the product.

Moreover, this range of Hygienic rotary valves can be supplied as a Safety Element (Protection System) in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EC, and for zone 20 interior, zone 21 exterior, with a model certified by a duly authorised body.

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